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Raw Passion Cakes – Where raw foods are a lifestyle choice.

For us the journey began years ago, after a terminal illness affected our family. We wanted to look after our own health and the health of our loved ones, and part of that is ensuring a sustainable, balanced lifestyle. We believe that the food we eat directly impacts our health, but we also believe that no one should have to go without dessert. So after years of research and creativity in the kitchen, RAW Passion desserts evolved into RAW, gluten free, refined sugar free, paleo friendly, vegan and dairy free desserts.

Our raw cakes not only feed your sweet tooth but they also nourish your body with wholesome ingredients. All ingredients are raw so all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the food are still in their original state, ready for the body to absorb. We use organic where possible and activate all our nuts for better absorption of nutrients and digestion. There are no hidden ingredients.

These raw cakes are delicious, wholesome food for the soul with ingredients that help your body thrive. They are living foods for living bodies.

This passion product is available at our flagship store in Concord. They can be purchased by the slice (or ball) as well as whole, and are perfect for family barbecues, office treats or any celebration.

Discover the delicious, raw, refined sugar free, gluten free, paleo friendly, vegan and dairy free desserts we have available:

Pecan Pie
Passionfruit Cream Pie
➤ Lemon Cream Pie
Orange & Chocolate Cake
➤ White & Dark Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Get RAW Passion in Your Workplace

RAW Passion desserts can also supply cafés, restaurants, health food shops or any other type of business with our raw, gluten free, refined sugar free, paleo friendly, vegan and dairy free desserts. Our cakes can be cut into 12 or 16 pieces and our bliss balls come in either 12 or 18 packs. Get in touch with us today to place an order.

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