The Health Benefits of Raw Foods

Raw Foods VS Processed Foods

For more than half a century busy families have benefitted greatly from the introduction of processed foods. Things last longer in our pantries, are easier to prepare and please even the fussiest eaters. Unfortunately, all of those benefits come thanks to preservatives, sodium and chemical processing those foods receive. In the last few decades, as our bellies grow larger, cancer rates rise and children present with an alarming number of food intolerances, many people have begun to turn away from processed foods and seek out natural alternatives.

The raw food movement is taking food back to its roots, quite literally. And for those that embrace the change, there is a host of benefits in store.

Raw Food for a Healthier Lifestyle

Cooking food destroys many of the vitamins and antioxidants that our bodies need. Not only that, but it actually makes the food more difficult to digest. The reason for this is that heat destroys the digestive enzymes in the food, causing us to use the enzymes in our own bodies to break down our meal. This process makes the food less beneficial to us while raising the acidity levels in our guts. Our ability to absorb whatever nutrients are left in the food after cooking is further compromised. Raw foods help neutralise the acid in our guts so we can absorb as many of the vitamins and antioxidants as possible.

High acidity levels in our bodies impact on our immune systems as well, putting us at risk of long term issues and disease. Foods that are difficult to digest also sit longer in our digestive tracts. This can lead to fermentation in the gut, causing gas and inflammation.

Lastly, eating a diet rich in raw foods means you will be giving your body plenty of nutrients and fibre. This will help you feel fuller for longer – an added benefit, even if weight loss isn’t one of your main goals.

Find Out for Yourself

There is a large amount of research out there on the health benefits of raw foods. We encourage you to discover all of the different ways incorporating raw foods into your diet can help improve your health and wellbeing.

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